A perfect place for a trip. The castle of Boldogkő, the castle gallery and the village museum offer a full day programme for those wanting to take a trip. Thirsty travellers can find relief in the castle's cool wine cellar.


Tiny village, untouched nature, friendly people and plenty of fascinating sights. We only know one way to describe Erdõbénye: lovable.


Rákóczi-castle, Prison Panpoticon, Tarn, The Big Library… All-day interests, and it's just the beginning…


Szerencs is the “Gate to Tokaj Hegyalja”. Do not miss the Szerencs Rákóczi Castle, the sugar museum and the recent work of art, the gate to the World Heritage Site that symbolises the entrance to the Tokaj Hegyalja region, a leading centre of Hungarian wine culture.


Gönc is a tiny atmospheric village in the Hernád valley, set at the foot of the Zemplén mountains. Only 2500 people live here, but it would be a shame to miss it if you are interested in the historic gems of Tokaj Hegyalja.


Hollóháza is an interesting and attractive town if you would like to look into the world of fine porcelain. But it becomes even more enticing when you try and discover its long and adventurous history and its present too.


Forest railway leaves soon from Platform 1! Please stand back!


Travel back a millenia to the Árpád days...Kisrozvágy. Perhaps one of the most amazing small villages in the Tokaj Hegyalja region. Visitors are sure to have one of their most memorable experiences here.


The home of the golden sweet aszú wine. If you haven't yet tasted this deservedly world renowned wine - maybe the most famous Hungarian wine speciality - then it is time to do so. And if you have already had the pleasure, we need not say anything. You will come.