Dear Guests,

We regret to inform you that our hotel will be closed from March 2. Thank you for your understanding!
Sincerelly, the Team of Hotel Magita

to Hotel Magita!

Just rest, nothing else

Tickling sunlight, crystal clear air and such
a reassuring silence that a city dweller might never have heard.
What else do you need for a peaceful rest?
Sauna, jacuzzi, whirlpool? I HAVE IT!
Fantastic food, wonderful wines? I HAVE IT!
The feeling that you are the most precious guest? YOU WILL GET IT!
Come and prove it!


Our services

Outdoor pool with effervescent bath

The outdoor pool in the picturesque surroundings is a great place to relax and recharge.

Finnish sauna

The Finnish sauna is recommended for those who like heat and want to relax while enjoying the beneficial effects of sauna. It rids our body of accumulated toxins. During the minutes spent in the sauna, as a result of sweating, our pores expand strongly, so harmful toxins leave our body very quickly.

Infrared sauna with color therapy

In addition to being a very relaxing and pleasant pastime, it also has a beneficial effect on blood circulation. The infrared sauna refreshes you, you only need to spend 20 minutes in the cabin. The infrared light rays also penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, so toxins are removed more easily, and the circulation is much less strained by this type of sauna.

Jacuzzi for 5 people

You, your sweetheart, two glasses of champagne, a nice warm bath and massaging water jets. This romantic picture will make everyone want to relax a little. The hot tub relaxes tired muscles.

Bowling alley

Exciting bowling competitions can take place on both of our courts, which is a pleasant pastime for family vacations and company events as well. Attention! The loser pays for the next round!


Everything is provided for a bloody ping-pong battle - a ping-pong table, in a picturesque setting, and at the end of the game an ice-cold beer.

Restaurant - seats 40 guests

Our cozy restaurant can accommodate a total of 40 people. In summer, early spring and autumn, it is pleasant to sit on the terrace and enjoy the scenery and eat your dinner. The bistro-style restaurant offers a taste of the great dishes of Hungarian and international cuisine to our hotel guests and external guests and groups.